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Inline skaters experience the city in a way that most never will. They have the ability to take in the landscapes of the streets at a good pace as they skate through the city during each IE Night Skate meetup. This compilation of videos is interested in how each individual began skating, what initially brought them to the Night Skate in San Bernardino, and what stories they are able to tell about the city through their unique lense as a skater. 

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My name is Jorge Gonzalez, owner of Knight Skate in Downtown. I was born in San Bernardino and grew up all over the Inland Empire.  When I was 9, living on the west side of San Bernardino, I picked up inline skating as a hobby and have been skating ever since. My passion for skating led to me begin organizing night skates in different cities and creating video edits of the events. I began a weekly night skate, every Thursday in San Bernardino to help bring a little life back to the Downtown area. The success of that event led to the opening of a small shop. The success of the small shop led to the opening of an even larger shop just a few months later! Now Knight Skate in San Bernardino is one of the leading inline skate shops in the country and the Inland Empire Night Skate has been the format used for a number of new groups popping up all over the world.

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